To complete my Corinthian collection, I am still looking for the following 4 figures. Do you have any of them? I will pay a great price:

KeyPlayers/Phone Straps:

Hidetoshi Nakata – Fiorentina (Away)
Shunsuke Nakamura – Celtic (Away)

Microstars (Latin America Series 2):

Oswaldo Sanchez – Mexico (GK) – not the one released in Mexico series 3
One of the following codes: MC6936, MC6937, MC6938, MC6939, MC6972, MC6973, MC6974, MC6975, MC7008, MC7009, MC7010, MC7011, MC7044, MC7045, MC7046, MC7047, MC7080, MC7081, MC7082, MC7083, MC7116, MC7117, MC7118, MC7119, MC7143

Pablo Aimar – Argentina (H) – not the one released in UK series 13
One of the following codes: MC6933, MC6969, MC7005, MC7041, MC7077, MC7113, MC7140


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