About My Collection

I collect every figure ever released, that means ProStars, XLs, Microstars, non-Corinthian figures etc. When I get a figure in the original packaging, I generally do not open it, which means I have a lot of blisters, window boxes, multipacks, sachets, platinums and loose figures. To keep the lists on this site well-organized, I decided not to show the format of the figures in my collection. If you want to know if I have a figure in original packaging, just e-mail me and I will tell you. Or take a look at the pictures of my collection and find it out yourself!

At the moment (April 2020) I have got close to 9,000 different figures in my collection (so duplicates not included) and it keeps growing every day. I need 4 more figures to complete my Corinthian collection. That means over 5,000 different Corinthian figures (I collect MicroStars on one base colour – 70% has a gold base. Figures that were released both as KeyRing and Phone Strap, I also collect 1x, as it is exactly the same figure).

My Corinthian collection:

SeriesReleasedIn collectionNeededCompleted
Fan Favourites1841840100%
Club Gold2962960100%
Other releases356354299.4%

My favourite figures are the Headliners, World Greats and the XL figures. The figures that I am most proud of to possess, are:

Tomas Brolin – Leeds United Master Model


Glenn Helder – Arsenal Tool Master Model


Peter Bosz – Feyenoord Tool Master Model


Georg Koch – PSV Tool Master Model


Shinji Ono – Coca Cola Kit Master Model


Full set of Feyenoord tool masters


Signed XL figures of Pele, Maradona, Puskas, Eusebio and Banks


Signed World Greats figures of Cruijff and Best


Full set of Select 500 figures in blister

I have a website about this hobby since 2000, but this domain name was registered in January 2008. Every figure ever released can be found on this site. You can view the code, name, team and season of kit of every figure.

Enjoy browsing!